About Me

Hi I’m Lisa and I live in Rolleston here in Canterbury with my family of husband and five children.
I have always loved creating and I was looking for something different & uniquely special for my Mum for Christmas, I made a candle with a Christmas picture on it. I loved the result and that’s when the possibilities and ideas started, and really haven’t stopped. And so Words on Wax began. I fell in love with candles, not only what I could put on a candle but what that could mean and how they could enhance and bring something special to a celebration. The feedback from my customers of what the candles meant to them was very humbling and just grew my passion even more. Each customers candle is Unique and Special. 
I am passionate about creating Personalised Celebration & Commemoration Candles. I believe there is something beautiful and emotionally warming about burning a candle, something symbolic about lighting a candle and what that represents.

There are many celebrations and occasions where incorporating a candle or the lighting of a candle can enhance and add meaning to your special occasion. 
• A Unity candle as part of your Wedding Ceremony celebrates the joining not just of two people, but two families, and can give family a special part to play on your special day. 
• A candle to Remember Loved Ones who can’t be with you on your special day is a lovely way to acknowledge that they are there with you in your heart.
• A candle to remember somebody special that is no longer with us. It is lovely to have a candle burning during their funeral or memorial service, but equally special is burning a candle to remember your loved one on special occasions like birthdays or Christmas or just when they are in your thoughts.
• And the list goes on, Baptisms, Anniversary’s, Births, Milestones, or simply messages of love and inspiration…